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Laatste nieuws

We welcome the pensionados and workers from the Isla

We are happy to announce that also the pensionados and workers of the Isla can choose the care of Carin Cares This means that if you need nursing care in any kind of way you are welcome to visit us, call us or mail us. Talk to your doctor about the possibilities and your needs. […]

Vacation time!

 Vacation time means relaxing, time with family and friends. Going to new places or enjoy our own Island with all the beauty it has to offer! While enjoying your vacation we stay here to take care of our clients. So if you want to give parents/ grandparents a back-up plan while you are away from […]

Felis dia di Bandera

Wishing everyone a great weekend and enjoy our National Flag Day. Of course our nurses will be at your service and take care of our clients.