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Meeting with Buurtzorg founder, SVB and Carin Cares

Yesterday we were so happy to finally meet with Jos Blok and Gertje van Roessel from Buurtzorg. They have been very successful building a great home care system in Holland. A system where quality and real time care are more important than paperwork. They work with an excellent digital environment where working hours, client information […]

First Intern IFE

IFE is the nursing school in Curacao that educates the local students to become qualified nurses. We are proud to be able to help the students in their journey and offer them an internship at Carin Cares. Our first intern is Jiska, welcome to our team!

Welcome to our team Lieke!

This is our new collegae Lieke, she just finished her HBO-V this summer and moved to Curaçao. We welcome you to our team and hope you love working at Carin Cares as much as we do.